FuneralZoom® - Bringing Families Together

In these difficult and trying times, FuneralZoom is here for you and your family. Because we know how important it is to stay safe, yet we recognize the importance of being able to say farewell to a loved one.

Through the use of technology, we will take care of everything you need to have a thoughtful, personalized celebration of your loved one's life.

Geography and distance are no longer an issue. From most computers, laptops, tablets and phones — you can bring those who cherrished your loved one together — virtually. Because the service is virtual, there's no need for participants to travel. They can participate in the celebration or memorial service either by video or phone. Because the virtual memorial service is recorded, you will be able to review the service at your leasure, allowing you to hear other's memories of your loved one.

It's truly an honor to be able to bring the celebration to you.

Loosing a loved one is hard enough. Having to wait to hold a celebration for an extended proiod of time prolongs the agony. Not to mention, the risk and expense of traveling to a memorial service. FuneralZoom eliminates the painful wait, the risk and expense of travel.

Customized Services For All

Because each person is unique, we believe that each person deserves their own unique celebration. We don't have "boiler plate" memorial services.

Each celebration / memorial service is hand-crafted by an officiant with over 30 years of experience.

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What Is FuneralZoom?

FuneralZoom allows you to hold an officiated celebration of life or memorial for your loved one — online. You, and other family and friends will be able to express your feelings of loss and memories with each other, safely, from the comfort of your own home.

What FuneralZoom Is Not

We are not funeral professionals. We work in harmony with these compassionate professionals to aide you as you say goodbye to your loved one.

We work with you to craft a one-of-a-kind memorial or celebration of your loved one's life.

What FuneralZoom Clients Say...

"I loved everything about today’s ceremony. It couldn’t have been better. I absolutely loved everything you said. It is as if you actually met my dad and spent time with him - what you said about him rang so true... I really appreciate all you have done for my father and my family!"

"You did our family proud today, the warmth in your words came through loud and clear... Thank-you again."
Kindest Regards,

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